The Rongai Route is one of the easiest routes and the success rate is very high. The route starts on the north side of the mountain just south of the Kenyan border and is one of the least traveled and known routes. The descent is through Marangu Route on the south side of the mountain, the participants see the view of the mountain from many different points. The drive to the trailhead takes 5 hours through many villages; you will see many plantations on the way e.g. coffee plantations etc Approaching from the North, this route is home to wildlife and fauna unlikely to be seen on the other routes: colobus monkey, possibly elephants, night civet cat, olives, junipers, lobelias and giant groundsels. The attraction of this route is its unpopularity. You can climb for 5 days up to 7 days but is recommended 7 days for the times to acclimatization.